Multiple Alarms Fires that occurred in the METROFIRE District during 2006

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4Milton4-1711-15-17 Blue Hill Ave3 Sty WDFR Dwell Commercial 1st Fl1548
---------12-16 Brush Hill Ave------------
5Chelsea2-46216 Revere Beach Parkway3 Sty BK Apartment Bldg1502
11Milton3-172892 River St.Bay State Paper Co.0930
12Braintree2-16430 Plain St.2 Sty WDFR Dwell0809
14Boston2-12332 Snelling St.4 Sty BK Apartment Bldg1006
14Lynn2-3257 Alice Av.2 Sty WDFR Dwell2353
16Reading3-3861349 Main St.Block of Stores0226
17Belmont2-218166 Concord Av.2 Sty WDFR Dwell0236
17Reading3-11218-20 Woburn St.2 1/2 & 3 WDFR Commercial0631
25Boston2-261963 Bradeen St.2 Sty WDFR Dwell1421
27Stoneham2-51127 Waverly St.2 Sty WDFR Dwell0844
27Braintree2-43218 Hall Av.3 Sty WDFR Dwell1451
27Lynn3-51755 N. Common St.3 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell, Com 1st Fl2009
--------------57-61 N. Common St.3 Sty WDFR Dwell Commercial 1st Fl----
29Lynn2-51755 N. Common St.3 Sty WDFR Dwell0345
30Somerville3-11515 Oliver St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1639
31Waltham3-14135 Maple St.2 Sty WDFR Dwell0600



9Braintree2-215450 Hillside Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1003
10Belmont4-414222-224 Trapolo Road2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1746
11Malden2-5624 Maplewood St.3 Sty WDFR Dwell0120
11Boston2-154480 Appleton St.3 Sty BK Dwell2318
12Waltham3-161729-735 Moody St.2 Sty WDFR Dwell, Stores 1st Fl1718
15Reading2-1334287 Main St.2 Sty Commercial0914
24Milton2-67123 Pond St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1838
26Malden2-39125 Clarendon St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0209


MARCH 2006

1Malden3-38736 Acron St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Duplex Dwell0418
2Lynn2-17223-225 Euclid Ave2 Sty WDFR Dwell0431
3Boston2-237193A Hillside St.3 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1545
9Quincy2-2244111 Sumner St.2 1/2 BK Dwell1622
10Reading3-18393 Pine Ridge Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Duplex Dwell2338
11Belmont2-36510 School St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Duplex Dwell0307
11Weymouth3-231786-90 Commercial St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Duplex Dwell2306
14Malden2-641140 Malden St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Duplex Dwell2020
17Milton2-63306 Adams St.2 Sty WDFR1927
18Somerville2-26274 Dane St.3 Sty WDFR Duplex Dwell0552
24Boston3-2514138-142 South St.1 Sty Block of Stores0242
28Somerville2-153117-119 Pennsylvania Av.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Duplex Dwell1650
------------121-123 Pennsylvania Av.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Duplex Dwell----
31Revere4-5412495 Revere Beach Blvd.3 Sty BK Apartment Bldg.0438
31Boston2-3323342 Park St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Duplex Dwell0704
31Medford2-246RT 28 & Elm St.Brush1109
31Weymouth2-8152165 Moore Rd.1 Sty Comm. Brady Enterprises1443
31Saugus3-23566 Lincoln Av.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Duplex Dwell2316


APRIL 2006

2Lynn2-74298 Purdon Ave1 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1813
3Chelsea2-45291 Washington Ave3 Sty BK Dwell0202
4Milton2-134100 Padoga St.2 Sty WDFR Dwell1418
7Weymouth2-3627678 Main St.2 1/2 BK Dwell0828
8Chelsea2-296359-363 Beacham St.Boat Storage Yard2030
9Boston3-545411 Montfern Ave.3 Sty WDFR Dwell1558
11Woburn2-341127 Squanto Rd.2 Sty WDFR Dwell1018
14Woburn2-26167 Rear Elm St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0950
17Quincy2-3226150 Brook Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0315
20Woburn2-312Rear 80 Warren St.Brush1325
21Malden2-4322 Loring Pl.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0242
22Milton2-37338 Thompson Ln.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1739
23Boston2-5261142-144 Franklin St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0336
28Boston2-332798 Dakota St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1430
29Boston2-213750 & 48 Moreland St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0029
30Quincy2-324226-28 Taber St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0602


MAY 2006

1Woburn2-2413480 Wildwood Ave1 Sty Commercial Bldg1234
2Milton2-25388 Brush Hill Road2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0513
2Weymouth2-66255 Tara Drive3 Sty Apartment Building2041
10Boston3-331423 Dunlap Street3 Sty WDFR Dwell1324
18Milton2-32768 Central AveFormer Franklin School2029
21Braintree2-3216 Harrison Ave2 1/2 WDFR Dwell2130
26Somerville2-43714 Boston Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0252
29Lynn2-41777 Hawthorne Street2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2359
31Burlington2-6626 Wayside Ave2 Sty Comm Building Under Construction1642


JUNE 2006

10Boston3-353848 Wildwood Street3 Sty WDFR Dwell0259


JULY 2006

1Woburn2-2510 Boyd Street1 Sty WDFR Dwell1133
3Malden2-29630-32 Estey Street2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0255
5Cambridge2-79317 Norris Street2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1723
6Lynn3-23111 Western Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0244
---------113-115 Western Ave2 BK & WD Comm 1st Fl Dwell Over----
---------512 Chatham Street1 Sty WDFR Dwell----
9Quincy2-514717 Ellington Road2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1720
11Dedham2-18343 Allied Drive2 Sty Bk Comm Haz/Mat Incident0728
11Medford2-18118 Summit Road2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1606
11Boston2-625629 Vallar Road3 Sty BK Dwell Housing Project1608
11Malden2-53922-28 Rocky Nook.2 Sty WDFR Town House1608
11Saugus2-2819 Adams Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1934
14Braintree2-262242 Hayward Street2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0402
14Chelsea4-385446-448 Eastern Ave3 Sty WDFR Dwell1558
----------442-444 Eastern Ave3 WDFR Dwell----
----------450 Eastern Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell----
15Somerville2-21666 Highland Ave3 Sty BK Dwell0325
17Revere2-5161027 BroadwayOver Turned Gasoline Tanker1904
18Somerville3-2447 Houghton Street2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0109
18Boston2-2114Albany Street and Mass Ave30" Water Main Break2106
19Milton2-272171 Dexter Street2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0052
20Saugus2-1358115 Lynn Fells Pkwy1 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0018
21Lynn2-54599 Laighton Street3 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1906
26Cambridge2-693182 Upland Road2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0506
27Braintree2-2739 Beech Street2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1921
29Medford2-234310 Wagner Street1 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0307



7Burlington2-79560 Mountain Road2 Sty WDFR Dwell1428
13Newton2-32715-17 Cambria Road2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1754
14Winthrop2-3619 Paine Street2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2211
17Boston2-2563710-3724 Washington Street1 Sty Block of Stores0200
17Boston5-3722862 Hyde Park AveChurch1912
24Wakefield4-2517 Shumway Circle2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0526



7Quincy2-13241 Maple Street3 Sty BK Commercial Bldg1709
9Chelsea2-37305 Eastern Ave3 Sty BK Commercial Bldg1713
20Chelsea2-43317 LaFayette AveChelsea Jewish Nursing Home2116
24Lynn2-62177-79 Cottage Street3 Sty WDFR Dwell0014



1Melrose2-38146 Sanford St & 28 Tappan St2 Sty WDFR Dwell2225
2Brookline2-313164 Tappan St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2239
3Cambridge3-38290 Western Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1528
6Revere2-3244 Shirley Ave3 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1603
6Boston2-1274Milk and Arch Sts16" water main break1842
8Winthrop2-1890 Shore Drive3 WDFR Dwell1330
13Somerville2-435688 Broadway1 Sty Commercial0311
25Boston2-225352 Guild St3 Sty Bk Dwell1152
27Quincy2-4143638 AdamsMomtillo's Bakery0525
27Wakefield4-34229 Yale Ave3 Sty WDFR Dwell2059
29Everett2-46211 Waverly St3 Sty WDFR Dwell1108



4Somerville6-11778-82A Broadway1 Sty Block of Stores1856
-----------7 Hathorn Street2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell----
5Woburn2-34511 Glenwood Road2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0032
8Brookline3-41317 Blake Road2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2057
17Braintree3-22339 Vinedale Road3 Boats at Metro Yacht Club0452
19Lynn2-64221 South Street2 1/2 WDFR Dwell1129
20Somerville2-346347 Main Street2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1254
26Boston2-417239 Baldwin Street2 Sty BK & WD Dwell1136



1Reading4-62152 Bancroft Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0915
2Quincy2-511520 Janet Street2 Sty WDFR Dwell1146
5Waltham2-288419 Wycoma Way2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0116
6Boston2-332525 Greenbrier Street2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0538
6Boston2-364812 Hiawatha Road3 Sty WDFR Dwell1741
8Cambridge3-15911 Broadway17 Sty Office BLDG1055
17Watertown2-344180 Belmont StreetAuto Fire at Gas Pump1455
21Boston2-2165120 Humbolt Ave4 Sty Bk Dwell0006
21Somerville2-19110 Pinckney Street2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1419
25Chelsea2-4341 Silk Street2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1649
26Melrose2-314165 Berwick Street2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0830
29Revere3-3768 Campbell Ave3 Sty WDFR Dwell0226


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