Multiple Alarms Fires that occurred in the METROFIRE District during 2005

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1Burlington2-4322 Stoney Brook Road2 Sty WDFR Dwell0247
1Stoneham2-211121 Franklin St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1707
8Quincy2-6138123 Billings St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2101
9Wellesley2-4559 Hampshire Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1607
16Revere2-5231 Shurtleff St.2 Bk & WD Dwell1736
17Quincy2-421580-82 Copeland St1 Sty Commercial Bldg0057
17Cambridge2-565178 Coolidge Hill RdShady Hill School0540
18Boston5-2461633 Centre.First Baptist Church1731
19Milton3-347240 Horton Pl.2 Sty WDFR Dwell0516
19Revere3-13708 Washington St.2 1/2 WDFR Dwell0551
21Woburn2-46585 Central St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1547
23Newton3-92437A Dedham St.1 1/2 Sty WDFR Condo, The Gables1750
25Medford2-62445 Harvard St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0807
29Somerville6-2811504 Somerville Ave.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell, Com 1st Fl0720
--------------502 Somerville Ave.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell----
30Saugus2-1248400 Lynn Fells Pkwy.Target Store0151
30Saugus2-3845 Ekstrand Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2220
31Lynn3-54598 Laighton St.3 Sty WDFR Deplex Dwell1312



4Milton2-673434 Granite Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1824
4Cambridge2-62216 Divinity AveHarvard University Bio Lab2300
9Milton2-771RT 93 NB @ E Milton SQPassenger Van1424
22Watertown4-12113-121 Galen St1 Sty Block of Stores2240
27Boston2-174221 Cawfield St.3 Sty WDFR Dwell1451
27Weymouth3-6645102 Queen Anne Ct.Queen Anne Gate Apartments2354


MARCH 2005

3Somerville3-1239-11 Everett Ave3 Sty WDFR Duplex Dwell2334
4Malden3-5222 Granville Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0824
5Waltham2-17165 Alder St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1547
7Brookline2-3611724 Beacon St.3 Sty BK Dwell1836
8Lynn2-4756 Rogers Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0916
11Waltham2-33181-83 Bacon St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0405
14Reading3-11616 Sanborn St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0139
18Somerville2-29299-301 Washington St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2043
19Wakefield4-24613 Mansion St.3 Sty WDFR Mansion2340
25Weymouth2-137369 Holbrook Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1524
26Boston2-1646575 Albany St.5 Sty BK Commericial Bldg0414
31Weston2-294155 Westerly Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1151


APRIL 2005

2Revere2-4839 George Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0008
2Boston2-221596-600 Columbus AveAME Zion Church0425
3Braintree2-15425 Brewster Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1856
4Boston2-6164182 & 184 Bennington St(2) 3 Sty WDFR Dwells2101
6Boston2-159996 The Fenway6 Sty Bk Dormitory1323
6Cambridge2-85352-54 Lexington Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1653
9Woburn3-333414 Hiawatha Road2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1746
10Woburn3-333414 Hiawatha Road2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0255
11Arlington2-1783 Yale Road1 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1348
13Boston2-174321 Ramsey St4 Sty Stucco Dwell0637
14Melrose2-52960 Main St3 Sty WDFR Dwell2109
15Everett2-1442132 Chelsea St4 Sty BK Apartment Building1936
17Cambridge2-23116 Market St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0507
17Boston3-313777 & 81 Draper St(2) 3 Sty WDFR Dwells1850
------------152 Holmes Ave3 Sty WDFR Dwell----
18Newton3-2355 Bonwood St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0509
18Watertown2-26190 Arlington St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2259
20Boston2-184317 Harbor View St3 Sty WDFR Dwell1257
20Stoneham4-3523-5 Lincoln St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2111
21Braintree2-54198 Livoli1 Sty WDFR Dwell1054
26Stoneham3-316 Dean St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1206
26Cambridge2-891205 Alewife Brook Pkwy2 Sty Commercial1333


MAY 2005

2Boston2-167175 West Brookline St3 1/2 Sty BK & WD Dwell1757
3Boston2-211461-63 Hampden St2 1/2 Sty BK Commercial J&J Metals1849
4Winthrop2-1925 Pearl St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1742
6Lynn2-4327 Nahant Place2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1425
6Braintree3-341242-44 Stedman Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2108
12Milton2-12155 Thatcher St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1740
15Quincy4-123250 Parker St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0400
16Woburn2-931Montvale Ave at RT 93Overturned TT 6000 gal Spill1954
19Melrose2-68215 Sycamore Road1 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1659
25Watertown2-244146 School St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2043
26Weston2-4174 Deer Path Lane2 Sty WDFR Dwell1146
26Medford2-6544-46 Golden Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2236
27Lexington2-24424 Independence Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0951
30Quincy2-512511 Chick St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2307
31Somerville2-428157 College Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0245


JUNE 2005

4Saugus2-3213 Tudor Terr.1 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1901
8Belmont2-15218 Plymouth Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0854
9Weymouth7-634270 Washington StSacred Heart Church2201
11Lynn2-65632 Nelson St3 WDFR Dwell0959
11Somerville2-33388 Medford St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2034
------------384-386 Medford St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Duplex Dwell----
12Waltham3-462 Church St3 Sty WDFR Dwell2256
15Braintree2-461 Myrtle Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0153
21Needham2-5443145 Stratford Rd2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1444
26Milton2-1560 Hourston Ave2 Bay Garage0344
28Watertown2-2115 N. Beacon StThe Bookcase Factory Outlet2057


JULY 2005

5Watertown2-2783 Elm Street2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0109
7Arlington2-2892107 Spy Pond Pkwy2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1214
26Wakefield2-154190 Greenwood StreetGreenwoods Nursing Home0803
26Woburn2-5430 Porter Street2 Sty WDFR Dwell0830
30Somerville2-32465 Temple Street2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0420



2Lynn2-613532-534 Boston St.2 Sty WDFR Dwell Stores 1st Floor1347
4Arlington2-7533 Park Ave Ext2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0815
5Waltham2-161719 Moody St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0337
6Cambridge2-21517 Warren St.3 Sty WDFR Dwell1215
6Lynn2-115326 Euclid Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1325
7Melrose2-34210 Everett St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0207
10Weston3-695 Raynor Rd.1 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0103
11Boston2-1221225, 287, 300, 306 Hanover St.4 Manholes Exploded1552
16Medford2-43111 Pinkham Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1111
16Quincy2-6143119 Vassail St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1637
18Boston2-348326 Ogden St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0440
23Newton2-26358 North St.1 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0004
24Chelsea2-3114 Washington Ave4 Sty BK Apart Bldg Store on 1st Fl0137
29Watertown2-43955 Waverly Ave7 Sty BK Elderly Housing Woodland Towers0320
30Quincy2-4328816 Willard St.Rosecliff Apartment House0014
30Saugus2-18132 Walden Terr1 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1908



1Woburn3-2729 Mountain Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0013
12Weston3-72225 North Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1021
21Cambridge2-614107-109 Museum St.3 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0238
22Saugus2-21328 Wamesit Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0045
23Boston2-1575232 Beacon St.6 Sty BK & WD Apartment Bldg0713
30Boston2-73177-9 Emmet St.3 Sty WDFR Attached Dwells1720



3Braintree2-21276 Quincy Ave.Garage Extended to Dwelling2213
4Melrose3-64304 Upham Street2 Sty WDFR Dwell0807
9Boston2-6157107 Liverpool Street2 1/2 Sty BK & WDFR Dwell1313
17Weymouth2-442777 Pleasant Street1 Sty Garage Central Towing CO.1029



7Winthrop2-34108 Almont Street2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1823
9Lexington4-51213 Hancock Ave2 Sty WDFR Dwell1119
21Melrose2-3828 Cleveland Street2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1342
24Somerville2-33430 Weatland StreetAuto Extended to Dwelling0850
25Chelsea2-35131 Crest Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0103
25Cambridge3-46147-49 Banks Street2 Sty WDFR Dwell0442
25Needham2-5444303 Country Way1 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2020



2Dedham3-18515 Stergis Way2 Sty Commercial Bldg1955
2Woburn2-3510 Bruce Road2 Sty WDFR Dwell2256
3Newton3-178228 Chapel Street2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0455
5Lynn2-41322 West Baltimore Street4 Sty BK Dwell1318
6Lynn2-6446 Grove Street3 Sty WDFR Dwell1030
8Cambridge3-571163 Brattle Street2 1/2 Sty WDFR Mansion0023
8Revere2-3272-74 Shirley Ave3 Sty WDFR Dwell1101
8Saugus2-4726 Sherbrook Ter1 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2119
9Newton3-1151320 Washington StreetSheraton Hotel1001
10Newton2-4215399 Grove StreetHoliday Inn0102
11Revere2-31516 Beach Street2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0652
11Revere2-2917 Hasey Street2 Sty BK & WDFR Dwell1234
14Reading2-342362 Oakland RoadReading High School Field House0634
14Stoneham2-51518 Lawndale Road2 Sty WDFR Dwell1746
20Lynn2-74727 Summer Street1 1/2 Sty Commercial BLDG2239
24Arlington2-5531177-1181 Massachusetts Ave1 Sty Block of Stores0809


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