Multiple Alarms Fires that occurred in the METROFIRE District during 2004

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2002 Multiple Alarm Listings
2001 Multiple Alarm Listings
2000 Multiple Alarm Listings


9Reading2-383326 Franklin Street2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0708
9Somerville3-47389-91 Pearson Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1107
9Newton2-48124 Shirley St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1425
9Melrose3-17435 Willard St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2215
11Revere4-241118-122 Broadway.3 Sty WDFR Dwell, Comm 1st Fl0136
11----------128-130 Broadway3 Sty WDFR Dwell, Comm 1st Fl----
16Quincy3-123338 Carlson St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0625
19Revere2-59193 Rice Ave.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1355
19Weymouth2-451352 May Terr.Truck in Driveway Ext 1 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1740
22Brookline3-1825-27 Asprinwall Ave.4 Sty WDFR Dwell Duplex1557
23Revere4-42170 Bellingham Ave.3 Sty WDFR Dwell Duplex0356
23Weymouth2-213460 Gilbert Rd.1 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1153
23Boston2-14-236575 St. Alphonsus St.21 Sty Apt Building2251
25Milton2-54252 Hemlock Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2138
26Medford2-23411 St. Clair Rd.1 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1530
31Everett2-41330-32 Gladstone St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0704
31Brookline2-21120 St. Paul St.4 Sty Bk Under Construction0755



1Boston3-6163131 & 133 London St.(2) 3 Sty WDFR Dwell0315
2Boston2-315614 & 10 Ditson St.(2) 3 Sty WDFR Dwell0007
2Cambridge2-291124 Cambridge St.3 Sty WDFR Dwell Rest 1st Fl1908
3Lexington2-466Route 128 NB.Tractor Trailer w/ medical waste1813
6Needham2-712219 Carol Rd.1 1/2 Sty BK Dwell1250
10Boston4-1771465 Columbia Rd.3 Sty BK Dwell1252
13Boston3-6173290-292 Meridian St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2238
-------------294 Meridian St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell----
14Medford2-3147 Emerald.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2146
16Braintree2-2211392 Shaw St.2 Sty WDFR Dwell0911
16Arlington2-48175 Bartlett Ave.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2232
19Stoneham2-46166 William St.2 Sty WDFR Dwell1601
25Revere2-525North Shore Road.Brush1035
25Weymouth2-13562 Hobomack Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1501
25Braintree2-161Devon Woods Road.Brush1726
26Chelsea2-1922 Willow St.3 Sty BK Commercial1235
27Newton3-19240 Salisbury Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0420
29Everett2-37169 Rover St.Large Pile of Scrap Autos1758


MARCH 2004

4Chelsea2-4654 Burma Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Housing Project2118
5Cambridge2-28224 Fiske Pl.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1502
7Boston2-12-3248800 Morrissey Blvd.Ramada Inn0505
9Medford2-4819 Usher Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Duplex Dwell0702
14Weston2-54302 Concord Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1414
15Newton3-12611 Washington St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2229
16Milton2-13785 Hudson St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1943
16Watertown3-32418 Clyde Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2155
17Boston2-34142-2A Melbourne St.3 Sty WDFR Dwell0114
21Chelsea2-42292-292A Spruce St.2 Sty WDFR Dwell Comm 1st Fl2329
23Watertown2-6541 Quirk St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0910
23Revere2-615122 Morris St.Barn 3 Horses Killed (1 Alm Malden Box 7621)1255
31Stoneham2-65495 Main St.1 Sty Commercial Bldg2005


APRIL 2004

3Lynn3-62456 Commercial St3 Sty WDFR Dwell2232
8Stoneham2-26110 Brookbridge Rd.1 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1505
9Boston2-33757 Gaylord St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1040
10Revere2-6141Rear 299-301 Salem St.Brush1247
13Watertown3-2714,16,18,20 Clarendon St.2 Sty WDFR Row House1923
17Everett2-112617 Mystic View Rd.Brush1625
20Medford3-41127 Maple Ave.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0758
20Waltham2-1869-71 Pine St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell Store 1st Fl1942
20Braintree3-31188 Elmlawn Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2145
21Everett3-66172,174,174A,176,176A Elm St.2 Sty WDFR Dwell Store 1st Fl (172)2103
-------------137,139,141 Jefferson Av---------------
25Boston2-72715-7-9 Chesterton St.3 Sty Bk Dwell0229
25Malden2-32221-21A Lisbon St.2 1/2 Sty BK and WD Bowdoin Apts1204
26Woburn2-145117 Pleasant St.Haz/Mat Incident1037
30Boston3-2133258-260 Dudley St.1 Sty Block of Stores1543


MAY 2004

1Braintree2-1512110 Arbutus Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2259
4Saugus2-3712 Winston St.Alco Food Products Co.2325
6Brookline2-173472 Pearl St.7 Sty ZBk Apartment Bldg0615
7Malden2-2332 Clement St.Brush extended to 2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1353
9Boston3-2449153 & 155 Amory St.(2) 2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0851
11Braintree3-1737501 COmmerce Way Bldg 2.3 Sty WDFR Condo Under Const 48 Units1145
14Weymouth2-1437126 Bridge St.2 Sty Bk & WD Commercial Bldg2208
16Saugus2-1348653 Broadway.1 Sty Block of Stores Lendy's Deli2153
20Cambridge2-23153-55 Hampshire Rd.3 Sty WDFR Duplex Dwell1353
21Malden2-56210 Hartshorn Ave.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0510
25Needham2-464227 South St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0008
26Boston2-323318-20 Larchmont St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0122


JUNE 2004

2Quincy2-14231012 Hancock St.Central Middle School0522
15Milton3-314475 Harland St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1807
19Boston2-5163248-254 Brighton Av.1 Sty Block of Stores0358
19Melrose2-438 Philpot Terr.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1734
20Lexington3-29350 Rindge Ave.1 Sty Garage Extended to House0244
21Stoneham2-61170 Pine St.1 Sty WDFR Dwell1345
22Boston2-73173 Emmet St.3 Sty WDFR Dwell1919
23Revere2-54378&380 Revere Beach Blvd.(2)1 Sty WDFR Dwell2316
25Chelsea2-4747 Nichols St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0415
30Revere2-1838 Genesee St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1501


JULY 2004

1Quincy3-411887 Soumi Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0204
2Chelsea2-35120-22 Willard St.3 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0421
2Medford2-313194-196 Central Ave.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0422
2Cambridge2-7832537 Mass Ave.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1858
5Lynn3-65315-17 Stanley Terr.3 Sty WDFR Dwell0346
6Malden3-43417 Madison St.3 Sty WDFR Dwell1332
10Brookline2-433176 Clinton Rd.2 1/2 Sty Stucco Dwell0228
10Boston2-2132251-253A Dudley St.3 Sty WDFR Dwell Store 1st Fl0842
------------5 Mt. Pleasant Ave.------------------
11Weston3-7853 Drabbington Way.1 Sty WDFR Dwell0538
18Winchester2-32525 Forest Cir.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1708
22Chelsea2-1212168 Chestnut St.3 Sty BK Dwell1515



11Boston2-3723973 Hyde Park Ave.Garage Ext to 2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0223
12Somerville4-7278-80 North St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0502
15Somerville2-7511 Ossipee Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2159
21Chelsea4-21418 18A 18B Everett Ave.1 Sty Block of Stores0508
24Somerville2-24374-76 Putnam Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2307
30Boston2-74133 Grimes St.3 Sty WDFR Dwell0532
30Newton3-38240 Highland St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2021



2Somerville2-1476-78-80 Flint St.3 Sty WDFR Dwell0234
2Somerville3-4714 Foskett St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1252
2Belmont2-37480 Trapello Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell Store 1st Fl2234
3Brookline3-25488 Pleasant St.3 Sty BK Apartment Bldg0407
15Lynn2-61689 Kirtland St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1326
19Revere2-31533 Standish Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0828
23Watertown2-62438 Oakland St.3 Sty WDFR Dwell0629
23Melrose2-33575 Lebanon St.Melrose-Wakefield Hospital1428
26Boston2-158860 Charlesgate West5 Sty BK Condominium Bldg0641



3Boston2-366235-37 Suncrest Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2244
12Melrose2-24193 Meridian St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0842
13Newton2-655904 Boylston St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Vacant Dwell0437
13Chelsea2-3362 Garrish Ave.2 Sty WDFR Vacant Dwell1937
14Boston2-2571327 Hyde Park Ave.3 Sty WDFR Dwell1534
22Waltham2-18624 Gordon St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2248
27Boston3-332110 Claybourne St.Dorchester Neighborhood Service Center2233
30Quincy2-416280 Wallace Rd.2 Sty WDFR Dwell under renovation2352
31Braintree3-164226 Alerton Common Ln.Devon Woods Condominium0734



1Cambridge3-291455 Windsor St.3 Sty WDFR Dwell2258
3Chelsea2-361212 Clark Ave.3 Sty WDFR Dwell1358
8Lexington2-5672 Gould Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2340
10Wellesley2-457314 Falmouth Cir.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1037
10Boston2-5132453-455 Cambridge St.(2) 3 Sty WDFR Dwells1646
14Cambridge2-373364 Putnam Ave.3 Sty WDFR Dwell10432
14Chelsea2-32150 Grove St.2 Sty WDFR Vac Dwell w/ Garage2350
16Boston4-6165167 Chelsea St.3 Sty WDFR Dwell0636
--------------169-171 Chelsea St.3 Sty BK Dwell w/ Stores 1st Fl----
22Milton2-1560 Houston Ave.3 Sty WDFR Dwell1919
24Belmont3-2613-15 Trowbridge St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0340
30Cambridge5-391240 Franklin St.4 Sty WDFR Dwell2251



2Brookline2-195151 Gardner Rd.2 1/2 Sty BK Dwell2012
13Reading2-35135 Tennyson Rd.1 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2235
14Boston3-1536115 Commonwealth Ave.4 Sty BK Apartment Bldg2120
15Saugus2-1336152 BroadwayFern's Motel1334
15Quincy3-613925 Clive St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2004
21Woburn2-6485 Winn St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1656
24Lexington2-635125 Tufts Rd.1 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0008
26Weymouth3-1437203 Bridge St.Cathay Center Chinese Restaurant0526
31Burlinton2-32347 Baron Park Ln.3 Sty WDFR Apartment Bldg1200


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