Multiple Alarms Fires that occured in the METROFIRE District during 2003

2002 Multiple Alarm Listings
2001 Multiple Alarm Listings
2000 Multiple Alarm Listings


1Braintree2-515122 Peach St.1 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1322
5Waltham2-52596 Central St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0433
7Woburn2-73612 Cabot Rd.1 Sty Comm Bldg1028
9Boston2-131674-80 Canal St.4 Sty Bk Comm Bldg1913
10Boston2-14311 Lincoln St.40 Sty Comm Bldg Under Construction0407
10Somerville3-34333 Broadway4 Sty Bk Apt Bldg1853
12Medford2-313236 Central Av.1 Sty Garage Extended to Dwell0430
12Wellesley2-3455 Walnut Pl.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0615
14Burlington2-28512 Corcoran Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1733
14Malden2-43297 Main St.Sacred Hearts Rectory1744
18Medford2-43120 Harris Rd.2 Sty WD garage W/Apt Over0420
19Braintree2-4722 Wayne Av.2 Sty WDFR Dwell0934
19Quincy2-614821 Edwin St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1355
20Winthrop2-1944-46 Dolphin Av.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0335
22Somerville2-11933 Franklin St.3 Sty WDFR Dwell0211
28Somerville2-11853-55 Broadway3 Sty WDFR Dwell2033
29Boston2-232900 Beacon St.Elephant Walk Restaurant0602



2Boston2-265418 Ethel St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1345
6Burlington2-16412 Harvard Ave.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0714
8Boston4-7334760 E. Third St.3 Sty WDFR Dwell Store 1st Fl2220
9Quincy2-1243125 Granite Ave.9 Sty BK Apartment Bldg0134
9Boston2-411532 Harvard St.3 1/2 Sty BK Dwell0407
9Milton2-3121 Quarry Ln.2 Sty WDFR Garage0703
10Braintree2-485532 Wood Rd.1 Sty Comm Bldg Bakery1913
10Braintree3-29514 Commercial St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2113
12Boston2-229610 Westminster Ave.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0149
12Boston2-3669731-733 River St.3 Sty BK Duplex Dwell1753
17Boston2-13-61512 Fr. Jacobbe Rd.5 Sty BK Heritage Elderly Housing1945
18Weston3-672536 North Ave.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0605
19Wakefield2-14747 Main St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1613
20Newton2-68132 Cochituate Rd.1 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1332
20Weymouth2-271233 Federal St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1558
20Reading2-112421 Sanborn St.2 Sty BK Dwell1619
23Braintree2-31410 Morrison Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1513
25Weymouth2-683350 Webster St.Greentree Condominimums0921
25Weymouth2-664364 Queen Anne Ct.3 Sty BK Apt Bldg1456
27Malden2-48120 Porter St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0540
27Malden2-57575-77 Loomis St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1850
28Boston3-2214 Wellington St.4 Sty BK Dwell1725


MARCH 2003

9Chelsea2-36149-151 Clark Ave.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1015
10Wakefield2-321117 Millbrook Ln.2 Sty WDFR Dwell1038
10Wellesley2-1575169 Great Plane Ave.Rubbish Transfer Station1508
10Lynn2-62258 Cottage St.4 Sty WDFR Duplex Dwell1846
10Boston2-5171330 Summit Ave.3 Sty BK Dwell2224
11Quincy2-321273 Quincy St.1 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1259
14Revere2-1343175 Ward St.4 Sty BK Apartment Bldg0836
15Boston2-312347 Norton St.3 Sty WDFR Dwell0250
19Malden2-5531264-266 Broadway2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0129
21Woburn2-18282 Main St.St. Charles Roman Catholic Church2218
24Winthrop2-245 Myrtle Ave.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1022
25Cambridge2-274254 Massachusetts Ave.6 Sty BK Commercial Bldg0749
27Woburn2-5919 Spring Ct.2 Sty WDFR Dwell2309


APRIL 2003

6Somerville2-336474 Medford St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1557
9Boston2-276287 Belgrade Ave.3 Sty WDFR Dwell1949
10Saugus2-13162 Lothrop St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0351
15Medford2-75620 Boston Ave.3 Sty WDFR Dwell1011
19Weymouth2-128623-25 North St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1217
20Milton2-73182 Granite Ave.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0558
20Lynn2-42334 Broad St.3 Sty BK Apartment Bldg0653
20Belmont3-686 Woodbine Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1122
21Revere3-421133 Bellingham Ave.3 Sty WDFR Dwell1241
24Woburn2-5112 Green St.1 Sty Commercial Bldg0807


MAY 2003

2Melrose2-33585 Lebanon St.Melrose-Wakefield Hospital1150
2Somerville3-341222 Pearl St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2027
-----220 Pearl St.3 Sty WDFR Dwell----
3Boston7-341816 Melbourne St.3 Sty WDFR Dwell0447
-----18 & 14 Melbourne St.(2) 2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell----
4Arlington2-487110 Highland Ave.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0300
9Boston2-12-125425 North Market St.Quincy Market 2 1/2 Sty Granit Bldg1533
10Newton2-223123 Bridge St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1939
11Newton2-911369 Donna Rd.1 1/2 Sty Bk Dwell1702
19Braintree2-4856205 Wood Rd.1 Sty Commercial Bldg1340
22Revere2-4246 Crescent Ave.3 Sty WDFR Dwell0526
23Belmont2-74258 Rutledge Rd.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1634
25Somerville2-382161 Clyde St.1 Sty Vacant Warehouse0106


JUNE 2003

1Newton2-61130 Christina St.H.C. Starck Co.1313
2Chelsea2-121306 Broadway1 Sty Furniture Store0405
3Malden2-73938 Lynn St.1 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1526
5Malden2-7222180 Kennedy Dr.7 Sty Apartment Bldg0947
5Quincy3-3163195 Independence Ave4 Sty Bk Condo Building2029
12Chelsea2-121288 Broadway2 Sty Commercial Bldg0225
16Braintree2-3149 Arnold St.Garage1225
17Boston2-22988-118 Codman ParkBuilding Under Construction0006
17Lexington2-41320 Cedar St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1602
20Woburn2-2817 Ford Terr2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0650
20Lynn2-4333 Nahant St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2202
22Belmont2-41438 Harding Ave.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1610
25Boston3-41521 Holden Row3 Sty WDFR Dwell0350
25Woburn2-455332 Cummings ParkHaz/Mat Incident1105
28Malden2-7312 Cleveland St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0429
29Lynn3-58378 Hanover St.3 Sty WDFR Dwell0347


JULY 2003

1Somerville2-339215A Bradley St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0055
5Lynn4-44298 Market St.Nandee's Restaurant0917
5Malden4-23162 Lincoln St.3 Sty WDFR Dwell1512
11Somerville4-12345-47 Cross St.2 Sty WDFR Dwell Store 1st Fl0200
----------49 Cross St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell----
----------3 & 5 Everett Ave.3 Sty WDFR Dwell----
18Somerville2-71951 Raymond Ave3 Sty WDFR Dwell0636
23Chelsea2-31472 Broadway3 Sty Bk Dwell Store 1st Fl0412
24Milton2-13769 Pagola Cir.2 Sty WDFR Dwell1808
26Woburn2-18282 Main St.St. Charles Church0334
26Winthrop2-19347-357 Shirley St.Ward Marine Supply2337



5Boston2-615112-14 Paris St.3 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0824
5Newton2-61335 Lake Ave.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1435
13Boston2-23651548-1550 Tremont St.3 Sty WDFR Duplex Dwell2153
14Cambridge2-1243 Gore St. Pl.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0045
23Lexington3-2866 Camden St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0246
25Boston2-2132219-221 Dudley St.4 Stk Bk Dwell Store 1st Fl0823
29Boston2-414124-26 Cross St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1216
30Cambridge3-3414 Fort Washington Pl3 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell Town House1504



1Belmont2-44244-46 Harding Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0234
6Newton3-631219-1221 Walnut St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0110
7Boston5-7317707-711 E. Broadway2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell Stores 1st Fl0448
9Watertown2-51558 Palfrey St.2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1208
12Quincy2-5554168 Elmwood Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0920
13Stoneham2-36238 South St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1744
14Somerville2-313146 Thurston StSt. Ann's School1558
17Everett3-332151 Bow St1 Sty Bk Commercial0040
17Boston2-226227 Fort Ave4 Sty Bk Dwell0557
24Malden2-43317 Meridian St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0003



3Everett2-65115 Harvard St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1817
6Woburn2-26252 School St1 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0837
9Boston2-12-1566220 Huntington AveMid Town Hotel1707
18Medford2-41617 Hume Ave2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0157
19Lynn2-473 Brightwood Terr3 Sty WDFR Dwell2105
22Saugus2-1244123 Lynn Fells Pkwy1 Sty WDFR Dwell0618
30Boston4-228320 & 22 Elmore St(2) 3 Sty WDFR Dwells2316
-------------17 Kensington Pk3 Sty WDFR Dwell----



1Braintree2-43924 Washington St2 Sty Commercial Bldg1313
2Wakefield2-353341 Richardson Ave2 Sty Bk Apartment Bldg1039
10Milton2-34352 Nancy Road2 Sty Bk & WD Dwell2004
15Cambridge2-4611110 Massachusetts Ave3 Sty WD Dwell Commercial 1st Fl0043
16Boston4-1589525,529,531 Newbury St3 Sty BK Attached Dwell1022
23Boston2-1582353-355 Newbury St3 Sty Bk Dwell Commercial 1st Fl0059
24Stoneham2-4218159 Main Bldg C6 Sty Bk Apartment Bldg1255



1Braintree2-232517 Alaxander Rd2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1308
2Malden3-26230 Rockland Av3 Sty WDFR Dwell0111
4Melrose2-671159 Upland St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell2146
7Boston2-53133 Egremont Rd3 Sty Bk Apartment Bldg0816
8Woburn2-394 Thompson St2 1/2 WDFR Dwell1233
9Belmont2-21464 School St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1015
10Boston2-296347 Cottage Rd1 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1649
11Boston2-1216180-184 Edicott St4 Sty Bk Dwell Commercial 1st Fl1000
12Wakefield2-2452 Dell Av2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1950
14Malden3-48140 Porter St3 Sty WDFR Dwell1905
15Chelsea2-35184 Eleanor St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell0348
17Wakefield2-31728 Old Nahant Rd1 Sty WDFR Dwell1551
23Chelsea3-34229 Franklin Av3 Sty WDFR Dwell1501
29Wakefield2-11269 Green St1 Sty WDFR Group Home1004
30Cambridge2-68113 Walden St2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1421
31Everett2-27756-758 Broadway2 1/2 Sty WDFR Dwell1050


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